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Complete control of live effects

ARound is creating augmented reality animation and games to sync up with live sports games for MLB, NFL, and NBA teams. To trigger live effects and events for fans to interact with on their phones, we needed a way to control the experience from behind the scenes. This is where I came in to design the producer experience that helped land new parternships.

How it works

A fan can open ARound on their phone, sync it with the stadium, and see 3D effects, interactive games, and stats through the camera on the field in real time. This producer app runs on an iPad behind the scenes and a stadium team member can trigger effects and fun content the fan will see on their phone! Magic!

Fresh coat of paint

I branded and modernized the design to maximize both screen space and accessibility. I knew whoever would use this app would be using it a lot, so I knew the controls should be organized and comfortable to use, placing emphasis on the most important parts. Also added were more 3D viewport controls and responsiveness while playing effects, including a Go Live button that would help prevent broadcasting accidents.



Demands of the producer are too high

Having someone sit there and press a new button every few seconds or even minutes for an entire sporting event was far too cumbersome. How could we design a product that would simply play our effects tailored to our fan app, on the fly, but allow space for the producer to do more with their time? What if they wanted to trigger some real-time effects but also message fans, or run a contest?

Introducing custom playlists

I designed a way to create a playlist of effects that can be auto played or found quickly to be manually played for each specific producer who is working for different teams or games. Long-pressing an effect also gives you options like seeing a preview or selecting field location or variants of the effect.


✔️ The designs were successfully implemented with the new features

✔️ The app left a better impression on the corporate team members

✔️ Producers reported the app needed less constant attention to use

✔️ More peace of mind that a mistake was less likely, and if made, could be caught quickly

✔️ ARound won more contracts for more events and teams going forward and continue to maintain their success

Prototyping was the star ⭐

To really sell an idea that is so specific to a problem with potentially complex interactions, an interactive prototype really stands out and sets the design apart from static mockups. It also helps clearly communicate exactly how it should work to developers or other teammates who wish to use the designs. As someone who loves to code too, I really enjoy seeing my designs in motion.

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